Stouts and Scoops - Local charity hosts beer float social benefit Saturday
August 16, 2017


With such a hot summer on our plates this season, it's time to cool off with some refreshing treats. How about an ice cream beer float? What? You've never heard of these frozen treasures from heaven before?! They are surprisingly phenomenal, and you have the perfect opportunity to try one for yourself at the Stouts and Scoops fund-raiser taking place at Point Ybel Brewery Saturday, Aug. 19, from 2 to 5 p.m., hosted by the Young Professionals for Animal Protection (YAP) non-profit charity, featuring a beer and ice cream pairing, courtesy of the local brewery and Love Boat Ice Cream.

"Stouts and Scoops is a beer and ice cream pairing to benefit Senior Paws Sanctuary," said Lori Salgado, Social Media coordinator for the local YAP charity. "All money raised will go directly to Senior Paws Sanctuary, which is a locally recognized animal rescue in Southwest Florida, focusing primarily on senior dogs. The dogs they pull primarily come from local shelters, and if they're not seniors, they have medical needs. They are a no-kill, foster-based 501(c)3 not-for-profit rescue run by volunteers."

Lori said Point Ybel's Brewmaster will be doing some very special taste-testing this week with Love Boat Ice Cream to come up with the best flavor pairings possible.

The event is free to attend. Beer floats will be $6 each or two for $10 and will feature the FMB-area brewery's Full Breakfast Stout and special release specifically for this benefit Raspberry Truffle Stout, a cinnamon-dusted raspberry truffle flavor.

The signature brew flavors and its suds, mixed with the sweet, creamy nature of the ice cream creates the perfect chilled treat for a hot summer day and what makes it even better is you're helping a local non-profit cause while treating yourself!

"If you donate $5 or more to the cause, you'll receive $1 off any other beer the brewery has on tap that day," Lori said.

The family friendly benefit Saturday will also feature several great raffle items, a 50/50, and many adoptable pets to meet and possibly adopt.

"Scoops of ice cream will also be available for purchase for the kiddos ?and the all-important designated drivers! And Senior Paws will be bringing some of their adorable adoptables with the hopes of finding their furever family." Lori said. "We are grateful to both Point Ybel and Love Boat Ice cream for helping the Young Professionals for Animal Protection in supporting Senior Paws Sanctuary and their mission to save senior dogs."

The YAP member explains why it's important to come by and help the senior pet rescue that day. "This is an amazing rescue. Everyone is always ready to step in and help the cute little puppies and the seniors ?often are overlooked," she said. "As senior pups, they often come with health issues after years of neglect. Senior Paws takes on the medical cases and ensures that these older pups have a quality life in their golden years. Some of their pups will never be adopted out, due to their age or medical needs, and Senior Paws fosters and volunteers stay committed to them, providing them loving homes until the end."

Also for those attending Saturday's benefit, "People can also bring donations of dog food, bedding or toys for Senior Paws Sanctuary. Or they can go to their website [] and check out their Amazon wishlist for items they need,"?Lori said.

About Senior Paws Sanctuary

Senior Paws Sanctuary is a locally recognized animal rescue center in Southwest Florida focusing primarily on senior dogs. The dogs rescued are primarily pulled from local shelters in the area, and if not seniors, they have medical needs where they were asked to become involved.

It's a no-kill, not-for-profit 501(c)3 rescue, and an entirely volunteer-run organization. Members provide loving and caring homes for those pets who have been left behind in their older years and others who wind up in local shelters with medical needs.

For further information on this local non-profit pet rescue, or to find out how you can help the cause, visit

About the YAP

Young Professionals for Animal Protection (YAP) is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit group of dedicated Young Professionals working to raise awareness and funds for non-profit animal welfare groups in Southwest Florida.

Its goal is to plan events throughout the year to directly benefit animal rescue and welfare groups throughout Southwest Florida.

Follow the non-profit charity organization on Facebook or Instagram for its next meeting dates or socials. Become a member and help the group plan for their next events. "We are always looking for a great Southwest Florida animal rescue to support and event ideas," Lori said.

For further information on this group's mission, or to see its schedule of upcoming benefits, email


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