Thank you
May 30, 2018


Thank you

To the editor:

Congratulations and Thanks to Mayor Gore, Vice Mayor Shamp, Council Members and Town Manager Roger Hernstadt, for your time, efforts and hard work to come together for a unanimous vote to approve the TPI-FMB Resort. You were diligent in protecting our codes and zoning regulations and I admire that you always put the Fort Myers Beach residents first as you moved forward to negotiate and compromise on your vote. It was very emotional for everyone concerned. Thanks to Tom Torgerson and the entire TPI-FMB team for respecting our Council and the FMB residents as we presented our concerns. Thanks for negotiating and compromising and being so willing and open to work together to make it work.

A job well done by all.

Gentleman and ladies!

start your engines and let's get this project started!

Bobbi Kemp

Fort Myers Beach


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