Christmas in July a success
August 1, 2018


Christmas in July a success

To the Editor:

Speaking as a Fort Myers Beach library patron for about 35 years, I would like to express

my appreciation for the Christmas in July celebration over July 25th and 26th. I thoroughly

enjoyed myself with the passport search and learned a few things. The delicious home baked

cookies and cute little ornaments I bought at the book sale. The high light being a cute hand

sized music jukebox that plays Christmas tunes. Also enjoyed Julie's piano playing.

Kudos to the friends who worked in the garage heat and all their volunteering efforts.

As a bit of a movie buff, I've always wanted to write a movie review. Here is my

opportunity to comment about the movie: "Christmas in July" with Dick Powell. I actually

remembered this suave, handsome leading man but don't remember Ellen Drew, the lady

in the film.

The 1940s era black and white movie opens with a play on words in New York's Times

Square in neon lights at night: Maxworth Coffee: Good to the last gulp. Powell and Drew are squabbling about his writing a new slogan for the contest for the Coffee company. They are on a New York rooftop at night where neighbors screech for them to stop so they can go to sleep.

Some pranksters at Powell's job trick him into believing that he won the contest so that

begins with Christmas in July where he buys the neighborhood kids lots of presents. An

especially poignant scene occurs when he gives a doll to a young girl in a wheel chair who

is wearing braces - perhaps an acknowledgement of Polio which would have been

present at that time.

A nice resolution with the female actress giving a short but poignant speech

near the end. It would likely work as an updated color version today. Anyone want to help me

write a screen play and then we can all become prosperous?

Thanks for the memorable memories of my first and only Christmas in July. I can only

hope it comes again next year. Sometimes we need a little frivolity in our lives as is evident

by the almost world wide popularity of Christmas in December.

Alice Mack

Fort Myers


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