Parrot Key Caribbean Grill turns cocktail into a fundraiser
August 8, 2018


While the community reeled from the devastating images of the marine life washing up on shore, Parrot Key Caribbean Grill had an idea.

They decided to do something.

The San Carlos Island waterfront restaurant crafted the "Fish Kill" cocktail - and 100 percent of its price goes to a month-long fundraiser for Captains for Clean Water.

"It's affecting all of us. It's our home," said Greg Baldia, general manager. "Instead of focusing on the negative, we decided to do something kind of funny and also draw attention to what's going on."

The $8 cocktail is a frozen tequila-based drink topped with a couple Swedish Fish candies. A green-colored tequila floater tops the drink, making it eerily reminiscent of fish washed up on the sand. Despite that, it's delicious.

The bar started serving the drink Aug. 1, and plans to serve it through the month of August, Baldia said. At the end, they'll present a check of all the sales made from the cocktail to Captains for Clean Water.

The organization has been rallying the troops in the area, and raising money for it was the natural choice, he said.

Red tide didn't skip Parrot Key; the week was bad off and on, Baldia said. Salty Sam's Marina did its own clean-up, picking dead fish out of the docks. They even pulled out a sea turtle.

"We're going to fight through this," he said. "We're not closing our doors."


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