What a Catch: Captain Dave’s fishing tips
October 10, 2018


Captain Dave's Fishing Tip #1: To increase your chances of catching fish, try dropping a chum bag out in front of your boat. In deeper, faster moving water, tie a chum bag 20' or 30' in front of your boat, on the anchor line: This helps spread chum better through the water column, which brings fish closer to your boat. If there are sharks around, they might eat the chum bag before it is emptybut that just adds to the fun!

Captain Dave's Fishing Tip #2: The selection of fishing line is vast. It works best to select line that is appropriate for your reel-size. A small spool requires lighter line. I like mono, low-stretch, clear, small diameter, and best of all, low memory. 'Big Game" is one that I frequently use. Fluorocarbons are better in very clear water, but the cost of fluorocarbons and power braid is quite a bit higher. Whichever line you choose, manually closing the bail will prevent most loops.


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