Digital info employee a great idea, but we can’t afford more employees
October 9, 2019


To the editor:

The story last week on raising the town millage rate included an interesting disagreement at the end of the article (Town sets millage rate at .9500, FMB Observer 9/25). Mayor Cereceda suggested hiring a full-time employee to handle digital information dissemination. Councilmember Shamp said she's not comfortable hiring a new full-time employee. In a sense, they are BOTH right.

Digital communication is important in our 24/7 information consumption society. But for a little town, we sure have a lot of employees and vehicles! I suggest identifying a digital media practitioner from existing staff, then redistribute his/her duties to other staffers.

Re-allocate existing resources instead of hiring ANOTHER full time employee for our little-but-getting-bigger town! For the record, every time I interact with town employees, they are always professional and friendly. Great folks, but we can't afford to hire many more!

Jim Farley

Fort Myers Beach


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